04/ Son And The Holy Ghosts



Rock, indie


Ryan Adams, Wilco


Website: https://www.facebook.com/sonandtheholyghosts

Band: [ sonandtheholyghosts at gmail.com ]

Management/Booking/Press: Sara Gómez [ sgpiris at gmail.com ]



Great songs, overwhelming live performances and international band projection is the most accurate definition for Son and the Holy Ghosts. Their passion about music led them to be firmly considered as one of the most representative bands in Majorca, playing sold out in every record presentation. They also have the ability to mutate and reinvent themselves by reducing members in acoustic sets without losing perspective about the quality of their music.

Featuring Guillem “Son” Mesquida on vocals and guitar, Xesc Carbonell on guitars, Juan Grimalt on guitars, pedal and lap steel, Josep Verdera on drums, Moncho Martín on keys and Quique Perez on bass, the six member band based in Palma has all it takes for you to enjoy great pieces of music.

Son and The Holy Ghost originally started back in 2009, when the band leader Guillem Mesquida, the “Son”, decided to follow his recently deceased father’s steps. Biel Mesquida was a well-known musician in Catalonia, leader of the band Ossifar, with a huge background in the music industry. Son decided to honor him by making “Son and the Holy Ghosts” a reality. The result was an album called “Lyrics and Songs” (Blau) pouring lyrical honesty in every corner by exposing his fears and joys at the same level, all tangled up in Americana sound.

The second album was released in 2013, named “The Solider and LadyFire” (Blau DiscMedi, Warner Chappell). It had clearly much more light in it than the previous one. The stunning design in digipack included a documentary, where the members passionately talk about their hopes and their particular vision about Spanish indie scene, mixed with their live performance recorded at Alaró’s Theater, directed by Mateu Moll.

Their last album “1995” was released in January 2016. “1995” is the result of the natural evolution of the band, of many years playing live in clubs and arenas around Spain and it brings a blend of pure pop & rock. Recorded at Urban Studios in Palma and produced by Rafa Rigo, the band overpasses the expectations by exclusively publishing in vinyl.

Son and the Holy Ghosts has opened for many international bands like Cuff the Duke, Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou, Rayland Baxter, The Duke and the King, Danny and the Champions of the World or Steven Smyth and the Outlaws. They have been also invited to participate in many festivals in Majorca and eventually performed as Spanish band and studio recording musicians for Eamon McGrath and Julie Doiron.


  • “1995” (LP, Blau/Espora Records/Warner Chappell, 2016) (BLAULP665)
  • “The Soldier and LadyFire” (LP, Blau/Warner Chappell, 2013) + “A light into the darkness” (DVD, Blau/Warner Chappell, 2013)  (BLAUCD616)
  • “Lyrics and Songs” (LP, Blau Discmedi, 2009)