08/ Leonmanso


Songwriter, Folk, Rock, Americana


Bob Dylan, Steve Earle, Neil Young


Website: http://velomarrecords.com/leonmanso/

Band/Management/Booking/Press: Quim Torres [ velomar at velomarrecords.com ]



Leonmanso started in 2007, Recording my first songs with an old video camera. Separating the audio from the video and adding images of Star Trek and flamenco for my first video clip. In 2008, i’m lucky and won a music contest.The prize was the opportunity to record an album “Rinosaure” (Rinosaur) 2010. I played concerts along my country and started to make my own videos, posters, a handmade promo that which I still do today, with the sole purpose of being honest and sincere with those who listen to me.

2014 It’s a great year, i released my second album “Jardins de brutes basses” (Gardens of dirty ponds) Playing in more places, festivals, knowing more artists and making good friends along the way. Now is today, and music is still my life, music helps me to know me, Thanks to the music I can give everything I think in the form of a song. I will always be grateful to it for giving me what I need without another condition that I share with those who want to listen to it.


  • “Rinosaure” (Blau, 2010)
  • “Jardins de brutes basses” (Velomar Records, 2014)