13/ Los Bélmez


Pop, rock, punk


Ilegales, Los Enemigos


Website: https://www.facebook.com/LosBelmez

Band/Management/Booking/Press: [ losbelmezband at gmail.com ]



Spring 2012, four friends from other bands of the Majorcan scene (Astrolabio, Petröleo, Hattori Hanzo Surf Experience and Monta-man) unite to form a new band that recovers the spirit of the Spanish pop-rock of the 80s. Songs came in a natural form and soon they found that the nexus of every single song was black humour, provocation, love of crime news and a come-back to the era of dictator Franco. They were like fish trapped in the underground net, and they fell they were in their element.

In 2014 after the recording of their second album, Alberto “Petröleo” (guitar) and Tuti “Hattori” (drummer), had to leave the band and two new members arrived: Jaume “Astrolabio” and Ginés (from the band Orquidea). In 2015 they played two festivals in Mallorca (“Summer Pie” y Rostoll), and one in mainland Spain (Monkey Week). Next step was to release a record with an official label and that happened in 2016 with “El novio de la muerta”, released by Espora Records. Good reviews and gigs in Ibiza, Madrid and Barcelona.

These last months Los Bélmez are working at the rehearsal space writting songs of the next record. It will explore new territories like power-pop, glam-rock and 70’s rock, and influenced by The Velvet Underground, The Jesus & Mary Chain & David Bowie.

Los Bélmez are the bad boys of Palma. In a scene full of young handsome and politically correctness, they say they don’t want to be #1, they just want to infect your soul with their unique sickness.



  • “Españoladas” (2013)
  • “Centinela de Occidente” (2014)
  • “El Novio de la Muerta” (Espora Records, 2016)